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Our office is closed on Friday, December 22nd through Monday, December 25th. We look forward to responding on Tuesday, December 26th to all non-urgent requests. Our on-call team will be available for emergency support. Have a happy holiday.

We build solutions that transform the homeowner experience

Our story

We believe that happy homeowners are the path to happy communities.


Birdwatch exists to simplify the lives of modern homeowners. While this has been in the works for years, the pandemic reminded us all just how precious our time and attention are. Taking care of your home (and the homes of those you care for) can be exhausting and stressful. Maintenance isn’t sexy, but it’s necessary.


We observed that the “Uberization” of many industries is simply a way to commoditize the hard work of people in service industries. Quality is an afterthought when online marketplaces focus solely on speed and price. Everything is just a transaction. It’s a race to the bottom that benefits no one.


It’s through the lens of putting people at the center of all we do – our clients, our staff, our communities – that we believe we have a new recipe for success.


Our model is one of accountability and trust. We work to earn that every day. In providing a reliable service built by exceptionally talented, fairly compensated staff, we believe our clients are much better off in the long run.


Birdwatch is in the business of abundance for all. We endeavor to advance a more just and equitable world for everyone. We believe the social impact is a measure of profitability. As servant leaders, we tend to all of our stakeholders, including our team, our partners, our communities, our planet and you.


And along the way, we’ll clean out some gutters and fix some toilets.



Birdwatch Founders,

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Birdwatch is a Public Benefit Corporation

Birdwatch benefit for good corporations
Our founding documents include our commitment to a greater good: We will work to ensure that individuals and families can enjoy the benefits and comfort of a home they own. This effort includes our customers, our staff, and our communities. We will bring this vision forward through our employee benefits, community philanthropy, stakeholder education, and advocacy. For example, we dedicate at least 1% of our net revenue to our sister non-profit birdSEED, which provides home purchase down payment grants for minority first-time home buying residents in our markets.

Our values

What we at Birdwatch believe in above all else.

Birdwatch home maintenance and repairs values

Stronger together

We’re all on the same team and we believe our team is our most valuable resource. We know great people make a great company. We value diverse opinions, backgrounds, education and experiences. Together, we accomplish so much more.
Birdwatch home maintenance and repairs values

Be helpful

In our work, we have that opportunity and privilege to improve living experiences. We find joy in building relationships and delivering best-in-class service. We enjoy being helpful and work hard to ensure every interaction is a positive one.

Birdwatch home maintenance and repairs values

Overcome obstacles

At the end of the day, we are professional problem solvers. By having the belief we can solve almost any problem, we can stay flexible, nimble, and adaptable. Finding joy, humor and balance help us overcome any obstacle.
Birdwatch home maintenance and repairs values

Do the right thing

At Birdwatch, we put people over profit. Assuming the best and leading with empathy are a must when working in and on people’s homes. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is a powerful tool to have.

Birdwatch home maintenance and repairs values

Find a better way

We are curious, innovative, and open to change as a growing, thriving company. Curiosity and a growth mindset help us improve the work and learn as we go.
Birdwatch home maintenance and repairs values

Own it

We know there really is no secret sauce – the key to managing homes well is consistent hard work, remarkable response time, and thoughtful communication. We believe in preparation, and we find joy in going above and beyond.

Leadership team

The founding team brings together decades of experience in service businesses, property management, and technology.
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Chris Rosenbaum


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Ryan Troll​


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Steph Toler

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Our people are the heart of what we do. Join us.

We can’t provide amazing service without amazing staff and amazing partners. Yes, we said amazing three times in one sentence. Read more about our approach to team-building and where there might be a role for you.

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