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Our office is closed on Friday, December 22nd through Monday, December 25th. We look forward to responding on Tuesday, December 26th to all non-urgent requests. Our on-call team will be available for emergency support. Have a happy holiday.

Homeownership has never been so easy

Endless work around the home is for the birds. 

Birdwatch has you covered.

Birdwatch main page image happiness
Birdwatch main page image happiness
Birdwatch Home Repair and Handiwork

Repairs & Maintenance

From lighting to leaks to locks, repairs are for the birds. We’ll handle whatever is broken.

Birdwatch Home Repair and Handiwork


Live in style. We’ll tackle those endless to-dos, so that you can fall in love again with your home.

Birdwatch preventative home maintenance

Safe & Sound checks

We develop a custom program to keep your home humming. Proactive measures are key to avoiding big bills and safety issues.

Here's how we serve you

Maintaining homes is a hassle… until now. From the deferred wishlist to the overdue roof replacement, Birdwatch is all you need to fall in love with the home you own.

Stress-free homeownership

Home is our haven. Keep it stress free with a full service maintenance partner. Then exhale.

A partner you can trust

We succeed when you are happy. We earn your trust each and every day.

Fair, transparent pricing. Always.

We are a gatekeeper for your home and your wallet. Pay the right price for the right work.

Birdwatch 24/7 home repair and maintenance

Window washing

Done, 2/15/2022

Mount television

Done, 12/5/21

Hang dining room lightning

Done, 7/11/21

Dishwasher leak repair

Done, 1/9/22

Paint and patch interior walls

Done, 6/20/22

Refinish wood floor

Done, 2/24/22

Install chandelier

Done, 4/12/23

New Project

Plaster repair / painting

Done, 2/15/2022

Lawn service

Done, 7/11/21

Power wash / treat decking

Done, 1/9/22

Retaining wall repair

Done, 2/24/22

Chimney cleaning

Done, 6/18/21

Exterior window washing

Done, 2/15/2022

Birdwatch in action

Birdwatch Home Maintenance repair request

Something pops up

From roofs to roots, count on us. We’re here as you need us, when you need us. 24/7.

Birdwatch Home Maintenance repair solutions

The right solution

The team will triage your needs & bring them to resolution, at the right price and in the right time.

Birdwatch Home Maintenance repair dedicated home manager inspector

Single point of contact

No more weekend warrior or chasing contractors. You’ve got one answer, whether for fixing a leak or flipping a mattress.

Consider it done

Let us take care of your home’s needs. From painting the walls to waterproofing, we ensure your home stays in tip-top shape. All that’s left for you and your loved ones to do is to kick back and enjoy each other’s company.

Birdwatch general home maintenance and repair

General maintenance

Birdwatch plumbing home repair


Birdwatch home HVAC repair and maintenance


Birdwatch electrical repair


Birdwatch home repair and specialty maintenance chimney cleaning


Birdwatch home maintenance landscaping and lawn care


And many more…

What our members are saying

Group 81
Birdwatch is a gamechanger. Since signing up, we've had our HVAC repaired on a hot day within 24 hours. We've had the team clean out our attic, and paint the playset. Birdwatch makes painful things manageable. We're loving our home.
Matt C.

Our work in practice

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Meet Gina

Even the owner of hardware stores needs freedom from maintenance. Gina owns 13 Ace stores, but relies on Birdwatch for her own home. From fireplace cleaning to installing new cabinet pulls, servicing systems to home checks when she’s away on travel, Gina’s BFF is Fredi, her Birdwatch home concierge.

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Meet Pavan

Pavan lived hard in the home with his family during the pandemic. Two working parents, an older home, two school aged kiddos and a scruffy dog meant projects were on the back burner. Then they started with Birdwatch. Within weeks we tackled dog doors, playsets, fresh interior paint and mounting a replacement TV (which had an unfortunate run in with a football).

Are you our next success story?

Join hundreds of happy homeowners who are living in carefree homes on our watch.

Membership pricing

Birdwatch tends to big and small stuff in and around your home, so you can take back your time. Full service maintenance support is less than dinner out.

$49/ mo
$79/ mo
…and much more! Learn more about our pricing, what’s included, and how you can begin today!

Birdwatch serves homes in Philadelphia & the DC metro

Washington, DC


Get notified when we arrive in your city

Just leave your email address and we’ll notify you once we get there.
Birdwatch home repair and maintenance public benefit corporation

What's a public benefit corporation?

Learn more about how Birdwatch puts mission at the core of everything we do: our customers, our staff, and our communities.

Meet some of our birds!

Good people + good work equals good business. Our team is here to nail it the first time around, or we’ll come back. Until we get
it right.

Christian Bates

Carlos Mayberry

Jenn Green

Charles Robinson

Ben Berkow

Jason Zyk

Birdwatch. It's your time.

Hear it from the bird’s beak! We are here to talk you through service and answer questions. Schedule a free call with our home manager.