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Our office is closed on Friday, December 22nd through Monday, December 25th. We look forward to responding on Tuesday, December 26th to all non-urgent requests. Our on-call team will be available for emergency support. Have a happy holiday.

Answers to all your home problems

We are your one-stop solution for any challenge your home throws at you.
Birdwatch Home Repair and Handiwork

Repairs & Maintenance

From lighting, to leaks to locks, maintenance is for the birds. We agree.

Birdwatch preventative home maintenance

Safe & Sound services

We develop a custom program to keep your home humming. Proactive measures are key to avoiding big bills and safety issues.

Birdwatch Home Repair and Handiwork


Live in style. From wallpaper to outdoor living spaces. Fall in love with the home you own.

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Birdwatch in action

From roof to roots, count on us. Call, text, email. We’re here as you need us, when you need us. 24/7.

Birdwatch Home Maintenance repair request

Something pops up

Reach out via portal, email or phone. We’ll scope your need, talk through options, and get moving. Emergency response time is under two hours, 24/7.
Birdwatch Home Maintenance repair solutions

The right solution

The team triages issues and moves to resolution at the right price, the right time and with the
right team.

Birdwatch Home Maintenance repair dedicated home manager inspector

Single point of contact

No more weekend warrior or chasing contractors. It’s your time. From plumbing leaks to flipping a mattress, let a bird do it for you.

Just a few examples of the many services we handle

Let us take care of your home’s needs. From painting the walls to waterproofing, we ensure your home stays in tip-top shape. All that’s left for you and your loved ones to do is to kick back and enjoy each other’s company.

Birdwatch general home maintenance and repair

General maintenance

Birdwatch plumbing home repair


Birdwatch home HVAC repair and maintenance


Birdwatch electrical repair


Birdwatch home repair and specialty maintenance chimney cleaning


Birdwatch home inspection report and services


Birdwatch home maintenance landscaping and lawn care


Birdwatch home safety and alarm services


Birdwatch interior design services

Interior design

Birdwatch home services

Need something else? We got you.

Let us know what you’re looking for. We’re here to help whenever possible. Just chat us or contact us to discuss.

Repairs & Maintenance

Why work on your home when you can simply enjoy it? DIY home projects are cool, but they can get messy and often lead to more costs, accidental damage, and — worst case scenario — injuries. Your time is valuable and better spent elsewhere, so let us handle and fix what needs fixing. Simply schedule a visit and let us take care of everything.
We can't provide amazing service without amazing staff and amazing partners. Yes, we said amazing three times in one sentence. Read more about our approach to team-building and where there might be a role for you
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Safe & Sound services

We start with an extensive walk-through inspection where we get to know your property thoroughly. Based on this specific knowledge, we propose proactive steps that save you huge headaches down the road. We’ll put together a preventive maintenance plan for your home, and notify you when activities or checks are due.


Taking on any major upgrade or repair to a home is complex and always full of surprises. Leverage Birdwatch industry expertise and let us coach you through the process. We can streamline results, counsel you through critical decision points and negotiations, and advise on costs, timelines and vendor management.

Birdwatch home maintenance and repairs membership renovation advising
Birdwatch home maintenance membership custom home inspections

Home walkthroughs

The Birdwatch walkthrough gives you a whole new perspective on your space. When we meet at your home for the first time, we document your systems, maintenance needs, utilities, appliances, windows, construction type and roof age. Plus, all those unique elements of your home.


We’ll document our visit with photos and video for future references. Next, you will get our recommendations for urgent issues and your customized preventive maintenance plan.

Birdwatch subscription home maintenance 24/7 emergency support and maintenance

24/7 Support

Heating out? Burst pipe? Garage door jammed? Every home comes with hassles. Birdwatch has you covered. Our team is just a click or call away, 24/7. Our team will have solution in progress within 2 hours of your urgent request. For a true emergency, please call 911.


You can see all current Birdwatch pricing on this membership page.

Home warranties have their advantages. For example, when the covered appliances break down, you can get it repaired— providing and the home warranty company determines you have been using the item properly and your service request gets approved.


Sadly, some home warranty companies don’t follow through with the service requests. Or, flat out refuse to issue a refund. Even if you’re dealing with a reputable company, getting through is not always easy.


Now, imagine if you could make almost any problem or malfunction go away… Simply by calling or texting your maintenance provider. And do so year-round and 24/7. Our maintenance technicians are experts in their respective fields. What’s more, you don’t have to leave work to let them in. We already have detailed information on your home, access to your property, and even the billing info. This means that a broken window or clogged toilet can be taken care of by the time you return home. You won’t have to stress about your home ever again.

Many home management companies will simply provide a list of vendors. But you still need to deal with them yourself. What we offer is a deluxe and comprehensive service at a very reasonable price. This means you don’t have to try to find, call, negotiate or manage anyone ever again. From a “To-Do” list you have had for years, to preventive maintenance and urgency repairs — we handle your home’s every need. We are a property manager for your very own home.

Our home maintenance team is made of seasoned experts and equipped to handle the majority of your home needs. But, we also know when specialists are needed, and we handle them completely — from the right specs for the job, ensuring they scope it correctly and price it fairly, making sure the estimate is ready for your approval, and then overseeing them so the work is done to a high standard.

Within business hours, you will receive a same-day response with a proposed action plan. Emergency requests after hours will be actioned within 2 hours. Most run-of-the-mill repairs can be completed within 72 hours (if that’s convenient for you). Some specialty work or materials that need a lead time will add a few days. In all cases, you’ll always be updated with when and how your request is progressing.

Let's start on your first repair

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