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Full service handiwork landed in DC

It’s time. Time for your total home maintenance solution. We are here as you need us, when you need us, taking the hassle out of home ownership so you can do you.

Birdwatch 24/7 home repair and maintenance

Window washing

Done, 5/22/22

Mount television

Done, 1/12/23

Dishwasher leak repair

Done, 2/12/21

Paint interior walls

Done, 2/18/23

We spend 204 hours a year maintaining our homes. Until now.

Birdwatch is here for your home, right when you need us, as you need us. Your concierge and in-house maintenance technicians are on the job from handiwork, to hanging bird themed wallpaper. We tend to all those safe and sound needs while helping you fall in love with the home you own. Don’t sweat maintenance. Spread your wings.  It’s time.

Birdwatch by numbers


Homes under our wing


Hassles solved per home


In time saved


Hours saved


Bird puns


Worry free vacations

Let's fly! Get started.


Your concierge is assigned.


Home visit
with specialist scheduled.


Safe and
sound check performed.


Custom maintenance flight plan sent.


Peace of mind begins.

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Members land these benefits…

Real human people

We’re watching! Call, text, email, facetime. Birdwatch is here, as you need us, when you need us.

Bye bye hassles

From shoddy work to chasing handymen. Don’t give up and DIY. Do yourself a favor. Call a bird.


Our chief owl is wise. Pricing is fair and transparent.

Picture this. A dog door so you can sleep on Saturday. 

And this. Playing with the dog in the backyard you don’t have to maintain anymore. All because you have a dog AND a bird.

It's Time

Birdwatch is your home team while you do you. On our first visit, we prepare your custom home maintenance flight plan and safety check. You focus on your flight. Maybe to the beach.

Our pricing is
fair & transparent



/ mo



/ mo

Get started for just $149. Your set-up includes a home walkthrough followed by a custom maintenance roadmap for your home. Year round peace of mind. A $475 value. It’s time.

DC isn't handy.
Birds are. Let's chirp.

16th St Heights

Once considered a DC suburb, 16th Street Heights would be considered an urban neighborhood with a suburban vibe. Watering holes and diners are gathering spots for neighbors.

Clevelend Park

Cleveland Park is one of the only neighborhoods where some homes come with swimming pools.  Large lots and square footage describes the neighborhood well. Plus, it’s walkable to the National Zoo.


Crestwood is tucked into Rock Creek Park with houses of all shapes and sizes. Colonials, mediterranean california style bungalows and mid–century modern sprinkled in. Crestwood is the Gold Coast of DC, an almost entirely residential neighborhood with a large affluent and influential Black community.

Mount Pleasent

Mount Pleasant has it all. Stately rowhomes, walkable to hiking trails through Rock Creek Park, iconic bakeries and a small town feel on Mt. Pleasant Street with cafes and bars galore. This neighborhood is known for a rich hispanic history and is an ideal spot for tacos and pupusas. 

Mount Pleasent

Petworth is so trendy, it has its own porchfest. This NW Washington neighborhood features large rowhouses, pocket parks, lots of strollers and one of the most popular blogs in the city The Prince of Petworth.  Petworth is a destination for hipsters since the early 2000’s.


A vibrant NW DC neighborhood known for its prestigious American University, great restaurants, shops, and parks. Its mix of historic and modern architecture attracts families and young professionals, all conveniently connected to the city via the Tenleytown-AU metro station.

Our work in practice

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Meet Gina

Even the owner of hardware stores needs freedom from maintenance. Gina owns 13 Ace stores, but relies on Birdwatch for her own home. From fireplace cleaning, installing new cabinet pulls, servicing systems and home checks when she’s away on travel, Gina’s BFF is Fredi, her BW home concierge.

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Meet Pavan

Pavan lived hard in the home with his family during the pandemic. Two working parents, an older home, two school aged kiddos and a scruffy dog meant projects were on the back burner. Then they started Birdwatching. Dog doors, playsets, deep cleanings, fresh interior paint and mounting the replacement indoor tv which had an unfortunate run in with an outdoor toy.

Leave home ownership hassles behind

It’s time to take up a new hobby. Like pickleball. Or actual birdwatching!


Pricing is fair and transparent. Always. So we can deliver the best service for you and your home, we want to get to know you and your home! Service kicks off with a home walkthrough with a Birdwatcher. Cost? $149 to get started. This includes safe + sound check, plus, a custom plan for your home (a $475 value). Monthly membership is $79. Birdwatch technician: $125 per hour. Our fee for finding, coordinating and managing expert third-party vendors (with your approval) is 15%, which you will be billed for separately for easy expenses tracking.

Home warranties have their advantages. If an appliances breaks and it’s covered, you might be all set. That’s if the home warranty company determines you have been using the item properly and maintained nined it. That’s when your service request gets approved. Sadly, some home warranty companies don’t follow through with the service requests. Or, flat out refuse to issue a refund. Even if you’re dealing with a reputable company, getting through is not always easy. Now, imagine a call, text or email away, is your dedicated home concierge ready to resolve your issue. As you need us, when you need us. At a fair and reasonable price. Birdwatch technicians are on payroll. With benefits. And time off. So they are rested and rewarded. We care deeply about the team. So they can care deeply about their work and caring for you and your home. Maintenance technicians are experts in their respective fields. A warranty might replace the dishwasher, but when it leaked and warped the floors, we’re a chirp away. Year-round and 24/7. What’s more, you don’t have to leave work to let them in. We already have detailed information on your home, access to your property, and even the billing info. This means that a broken window or clogged toilet can be taken care of by the time you return home. You won’t have to stress about your home ever again.

Unless you have “a guy” home handywork, repairs and enhancements are a hassle to coordinate. Unless you need a general contractor, there are no comprehensive home maintenance providers. Angi’s list and Handy can’t vouch for the vendors they recommend. You simply get a list of names and numbers. It’s up to you to coordinate estimates, visits, materials, review pricing, follow up, reschedule, call again and on and on. For a tile job. Or maybe a porch repair. Nevermind the wallpaper you might want to hang in the nursery. Fishing around on Facebook and listervs is the next logical step, but unless the fish are biting, it’s likely not a reliable plan. We offer a delightful service. At fair prices. From a “to-do” list you have had for years, to safe and sound maintenance to urgent repairs and enhancements. So you can do you. We are a property manager for your very own home.

Our home maintenance team is made of seasoned experts and equipped to handle the majority of your home needs. We also know when specialists are needed. We can oversee speciality work from bid collection and analysis, coordination and communication and payment collection. We get the right specs and scope for the project with the right specialist.

Within business hours, you will receive a same-day response with a proposed action plan. Emergency requests after hours will be actioned within 2 hours. Most run-of-the-mill repairs can be completed within 72 hours (if that’s convenient for you). Some specialty work or materials that need a lead time will add a few days. In all cases, you’ll always be updated with when and how your request is progressing.

Birdwatch. It’s your time.

Hear it from the bird's beak! We are here to talk you through service and answer questions. Book a Calendly appointment for free now.
Maintenance is for the birds!
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